Linda Dawson

(Vocals) When I look at photos of myself from the early years I’m always the kid with my mouth full open and singing my heart out. I had a nice voice according to the other kids and was singled out in the playground to perform all the recent hits.

Never too shy to realise an advantage I was soon singing solos in the chapel choir so that I could carry the cross into church and look down on mere mortals from the seat that was mine at the altar, and I always auditioned and got parts in the various musical shows and theatre because it meant we rehearsed and performed at the Boys school, VERY important to a teenager at a Girls Only Boarding School, Ha!

When I left school and returned to the UK the trend continued and I began singing BVs for local heroes in Salisbury, ‘Never Bend Over’ in exchange for guitar lessons. I think my life pattern was then set. I had loads of fun and met lots of people I’ve never forgotten. To this day, these are the passions that drive me still to sing.

When I moved ‘oop north' and learned to say 'grass' and 'bath' instead of 'grarse' and 'barth', I also learned that music and its opportunities here abound! I sang in many and varied bands and venues and was eventually invited to sing on various studio sessions for local musicians, including the once famous Radio Trent’ 'CastleRock' sessions. I joined newly formed ‘Wrathchild' and sang heavy metal original songs for a year (not sure I was ever actually heard but I escaped without nodules) til another (glam rock) outfit registered the name before us and did well enough to make us rescind the name. Then joined pop/rock Band ‘Chants’ from Nottingham and sang/wrote/performed with my sister Julie. This quirky and original Band was ace!We were big fish in a little pond and had loads of fun with a ‘proper’ fan base and regular gigs at 'proper’ venues and festivals.I met my Partner Dave through joint ventures with his London based band.

Since beginning a family I’ve still ,managed to sing professionally, but balancing family commitments meant that I’ve only occasionally ventured to Germany with the help of our nanny Elise to whom I will always be indebted... It ain’t easy being a singer and a Mother without that special trust. Thanks Elsie!

I’ve been singing with the band since 1998 and what an honour to grace the stage with one of my teen idols, Mickey Finn. He was absolutely lovely to me and would be proud to see his band now. The kids are almost grown and I’m there on that stage with this amazing Band whenever I can be. If you’re watching and I look happy? It’s because I am! Enjoy the Show!

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